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For Ladysnaps...

By now, everyone knows about the tragedy that happened to the lovely ladysnaps. Ever since I heard the news early this morning, I couldn't stop thinking about a way to help her. And I came up with something...

Since I am still the co-webmistress over at Always & Forever - Elijah Wood, I have posted a message there asking for help to replace ladysnaps's huge Elijah Wood collection. My goal is to collect as much as possible to send to her. If there is something you want to donate, please email me. Myself, I have several cd's with pictures and clips that I plan to send over as well as some dvd's.

I will keep this post unlocked so feel free to link to this message from your own LJ. Every help is welcome.

Thank you!
Rob - Love


I made a new layout for my LJ this afternoon and decided to make an Elijah-version as well.

Feel free to use it as your LJ-header if you like it. Just credit me if you do.
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